Previously on the Vanguard Academy website, Vanguard Academy stated, “[w]e are excited to highlight the value that Vanguard has added to Utah and our community by producing high performance in our students and graduating classes, all while saving the state over $2.5 million a year.”  The statement about the cost savings was calculated based on inaccurate information and is incorrect. Accordingly, we hereby retract that statement and apologize for misrepresentation and any misimpression created.

Vanguard remains excited to highlight the academic achievements of our students and graduating classes and will continue to do so while receiving the same funding per student as all other public charter schools in the state.

Registration for the
Snow College Fall 2023 Semester
opens on
Wednesday, April 26 at 6:00 am

Vanguard Academy’s board, administration, teachers, and staff are committed to the success of our students.

In the Vanguard Academy charter application, the focus of the school is on STEAM and college preparation. Vanguard did not state in its application that the core purpose was to serve any specific student population.

Vanguard Academy apologizes for any misrepresentations of who its target student population is. Vanguard Academy has always been open and welcoming to all students.

Vanguard Academy has held a lottery for the following school years:


Vanguard Academy is sharing this information to clarify any misrepresentations as to when a lottery was held and a wait list was formed.


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