Q-What is STEAM?

A- STEAM=STEM + the Arts. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This means we integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into all other subjects. STEAM skills are vital for success in the 21st century and critical to our collective future.

Q-Where does English/Writing fit into STEAM?

A-English/Writing Skills are essential pieces of Vanguard’s STEAM curriculum. English/Writing will be integrated into every subject.


Q-What types of schoolwork will students do?

A-Students will attend classes with rigorous and relevant content. Extending beyond regular course expectations, students will work on projects that will prepare them to be productive members in the workforce. They will develop leadership skills and have practice working collaboratively in teams. They will also have opportunities to work as interns on a variety of businesses.


Q-Are there special requirements to attend Vanguard Academy?

A- No. There is no minimum GPA or other academic requirements. Vanguard Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.


Q-Is Vanguard Academy an accredited school?

A-Yes, a diploma from Vanguard Academy will be recognized by colleges and universities the same as a diploma from any other accredited public high school.


Q-Do Vanguard students have the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree?

A- Yes! Student’s interested in concurrent enrollment will work closely with the counseling department to ensure correct course selections to earn an associate’s degree from Salt Lake Community College. Students who graduate with their high school diploma and an associate’s degree in the same year may be eligible to receive the New Century Scholarship (http://higheredutah.org/newcenturyscholarship/).

Q-Do classes in 7th and 8th grades count towards graduation requirements?

A-No, High School graduation credits begin in the 9th grade; however, successful completion of 7th and 8th grade coursework provides a strong foundation for success in high school classes.


Q- What is a Founding Family or Founding Member Status (FMS)?

A- Individuals who play a significant role in the development of Vanguard Academy as determined by the Governing Board will be given a Founding Member Status (FMS). Students of Founding Members will be given priority enrollment status and bypass the lottery.


Q- What is the lottery?

A- The lottery is the process of filling seats when there more students enrolling in a grade level than there are seats available. In the event of over-enrollment, students will be randomly selected to receive acceptance and any others will be placed on a waiting list.


Q- How do I know if my child has been accepted?

A- You will be notified through email or phone when your child has been accepted. Once a student is accepted, they must complete the registration process due date to secure a seat.


Q- What happens if I don’t complete the registration process for my child?

A- If your child is accepted and you don’t complete the registration process by the registration due date, your child will lose his/her seat and it will be given to the first person on the waiting list for that grade level.


Q- Is there a tuition fee?

A- No. However, there may be other fees associated with registration and/or a particular class or activity selected during the class selection process. All fees are regulated by the Utah State Office of Education


Q-Will Vanguard have a Dress Code?

A- Yes. Please see the Dress Code Policy


Q-What are student behavior expectations and requirements?

A-Students are expected to strictly adhere to the Vanguard Code of Conduct and all school policies and procedures.