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Student Personal Device on Vanguard Campus – Permission Form

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Student Personal Device on Vanguard Campus - Permission Form

  • Governing Terms & Conditions

  • Overview

    As part of the Vanguard Academy's technology plan, your student has decided to bring their own personal device to use for educational purposes at school. For your student's device to be added onto the network at Vanguard, the parent/guardian must sign and return a copy of this permission form.

    Students and parents/guardians must carefully read this agreement prior to signing it.

    In accordance with local laws, Vanguard installs and operates filtering software to limit users' Internet access to materials that are obscene, pornographic, harmful to children, or otherwise inappropriate, or disruptive to the educational process, notwithstanding that such software may in certain cases block access to other materials as well. At the same time, the Vanguard cannot guarantee that filtering software will in all instances successfully block access to materials deemed harmful, indecent, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate. The use of filtering software does not negate or otherwise affect the obligations of users to abide by the terms of this policy and to refrain from accessing such inappropriate materials.

    Parents of students are completely responsible for following proper use rules. WATCH YOUR STUDENT!

    Devices and Accessories

    • The student will bring a device (laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or MacBook) and charger (and carrying case, if applicable) for students' educational use at school. This equipment is the responsibility of the student to keep track of and take care of. Vanguard will not be held liable for any damage or lost device that a student chooses to bring to Vanguard.

    • The Parent/Guardian and Student acknowledges and agrees that his or her use of the device on the school property is a privilege and that by the student's agreement to the terms hereof, the student acknowledges his or her own responsibility to protect and safeguard the device while on School property.

      Software/ Networking

    • In order to work on the school's network, the following software will need to be installed on the device that the student brings onto Vanguard property. The software will be installed by our technology management partner, TechRight.

      • An updated version of iBoss cloud software, certificates, and software for the purpose of filtering the student's internet use and keeping it CIPA compliant.

      • Any printer drivers and other software that enables and/or allows the student to print using the Vanguard Printers.

      • Any drivers, software, or any changes that will allow the students to access the Student WiFi.

      • Software, such as LanSchool, that will be used to provide staff further means to monitor student computer use on school property with the intent to keep students safe and educationally productive.

    • The student understands that Vanguard Academy will not provide individual technical assistance with home Wi-Fi connections.

      Acceptable Use Policy

      Students may not use device for improper uses. These uses include, but are not limited to:

    • Any and all illegal purposes;

    • Any and all obscene or pornographic purposes, including, but not limited to, retrieving or viewing sexually explicit material.

    • Any and all discriminatory purposes, including harassment and bullying of individuals based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, among others.

    • Any and all purposes that would violate state, federal or international law.

    • Any use of profanity, obscenity, or language that is offensive or threatening.

    • Destruction, alteration, disfigurement or unauthorized access of hardware, software, or firmware.

    • Plagiarizing (claiming another person's writings as your own).

    • Disrupting the use of others to any process, program or tool, including downloading or otherwise spreading computer viruses.

    • Engaging in hacking of any kind, including, but not limited to, the illegal or unauthorized access.

    • Allowing others to use Property issued under the program without authorization, including students whose access privileges have been suspended or revoked.

    • Soliciting or distributing information with the intent to incite violence, cause personal harm, damage a person's character, or to harass another individual.

    • The device is to be used only for non-commercial, educational purposes, in accordance with district's policies and rules, Vanguard Academy Acceptable Use Regulation, as well as local, state, and federal statutes.

    • The student will make sure he/she locks the device when not using it to minimize the chance of any non-authorized individual having access to the student's device or account.

    • Inappropriate use of the device may result in the student losing his or her right to use the device on school property.

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